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travelouge new orleans

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It was the beginning of my extended vacation, lucky to piggy back a ride to Florida with a friend from high-school. I stopped for a night so they could reunite with old friends. It was surreal turning into the streets of New Orleans. It felt like deja- vu. I had been here before when i was a teenager. It’s a historical city, the palm trees running down the middle of Canal St. The antique houses all had front porches. I imagined the generations that lived there gossiped over the windows the houses were that close. You can feel old spirits there. Streetcars passed by and I felt like were were trying to hold to something, however the immersion broke when you saw a 24 hour fitness in a brick building. There were retro movie theaters, Cajun restaurants, barber shops, and a lot of cars and homeless people. Their friends convinced them to stay with them at the loft above a divination shop called Uxi Duxi. A woman named Mona with dark eyes caught my stare at her name tag. She also wore her hair up and wore wooden jewelry and golden bangles. That night they went out to Bourbon St. but I wanted to stay the night, treat myself to a hot bath and the books on the end table. That morning I neglected to go downstairs and get my fortune told.