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Folk art by Lang Davis, who has been coming there for over twenty years.*

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the freshwater springs in an overdue ancedote. My sister and I kayaked down the river like Pocohontas. Sassy and hot, we struggled to paddle in sync down this bank of the Sante Fe River. It was $20 for 2 hours and we retired early from  sightseeing alot of turtles and white cranes to swim in the crystal clear springs. The blues and emerald colors were mesmerizing. Blue is the color I’ve been crocheting with the most, and now I saw these colors in harmony. I knew I’ve been needing the spring for restoration and rebirth.

Flippers are the best thing ever. Got to watch a man dive into a cave and waited for him to resurface amazed me how long someone could hold his or her breath.

I ate a bacon burger and fries and my sister something for $21.

Collected tiny seashells but left them in her purse pocket.

Change has been the theme this month for me. I felt determined to document my trip, to record current events because its part of my journey and everything changes. I’ve been watching the world change, as states push non-gender identification, as China builds islands across the South China sea, the new President, the change I want to make away from plastic, the face of the world winces. There’s conflict all around the world. 5 years from now what will things look like? It also feels like there’s a lot I cannot change, change her back to how she was before, or his addiction, her lifestyle, her looks, or that he will die soon.

I enjoyed floating down the river so much I want to make another trip down there. Especially to dive. Especially to have more time with him I couldn’t bare the thought of dying alone.



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