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 I started keeping granola boxes, snack boxes, and even toilet paper rolls; I was on the look out to structure my bills and saw the idea to make a mail organizer. My goal was to use recycle materials and add a little travel decor to my office. I have some travel blog posts and I really want the chance to see other places – thus I am on the market for a new vehicle. For my project, I used a Debbie cupcake packaging box, a 1963 Life magazine (in, some kraft paper, and of course glue and scissors. Next time I’ll make some homemade mod podge!

  1. trace out where you’ll cut with scissors, cut the cardboard box.
  2. Cut out pictures from a magazine and kraft paper to fit inside the box, then glue it all on.
  3. Hang to dry

I love how it came out. Tolls are related to my job, and I also want to travel more so it matches perfectly. It’s also part of my vision board – which I’ll go into my next post but basically  having the image of a old fashioned truck reminded me of the freedom that came with owning a reliable car. The world “TRAVEL” in bold print.