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The heat of the summer beckons books and vintage dresses and travel. So I haven’t crochet much, my Etsy shop took a back seat and I’m picking up over time shifts left and right. My aunt Zella recently passed through on her way to Colorado and she stopped to see us. I had been waiting until I saw her to ask her if she knew how to sew. Zella comes from a time when sewing was required to get your highschool diploma. She is also skilled in husbandry, gardening, and cooking. We spent most of our day sewing a large black skirt down to my size. I learned to take it easy on the pedal and feed the fabric, which was a little tricky since it was a knit fabric. In the end, I had this revamped pencil skirt. Anthony gave her a ceramic smiling pig as a going away gift; I reminded him how last year he gave her my crochet peppermint pink pig and how a pig was a sign of good fortune and abundance.

This is the official start of my sewing chapter. I’ve gotten to know my sewing machine better and I also bought my own fabric stash for $4 a yard. I really want to make my own gingham dress. Lately, I haven’t felt very energetic and inspired, unless it’s thinking about a sewing class or day dreaming about my next weekend getaway. I want to see my dog again, I’m still very sad that I’m so far and I think a lot about moving back to Florida in 3 months to be with my old loyal friend. He is blind and deaf. He keeps making me wish things were different, he keeps making me think of his wet black eyes and black nose and curly white hair covering his eyes and how I wish things had been different.