Closet Clean Out


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Take out all of your clothes from the closet.

Even the hangers.

It’s easier to pick out the pieces you love first and reach for the most. For me: a vintage 70’s floral dress with a ruffle hem, a denim jumpsuit, my vintage Victoria Secret silk pajamas, a black high low skirt with roses, a caramel colored handbag, a handmade jade green off the shoulder top…

Determined to only fill my closet with outfits that make me feel fabulous, in good condition, and compliment my petite frame. Find the colors that are me.

As I dig, piles rise up. Donations. Sentimental valuables. Things that I wish fit. For Sale.  Clothes I can revamp. I noticed I have a lot of florals and geeky T-shirts. There were clothes I had trouble letting go.

I haven’t bought from a store in over a year – slow fashion has always been my lifestyle. If you’ve been following my blog, than you know that  I started to experiment with low impact dyes. I have also started my sewing adventure so I can’t wait until I make my own gingham dress!!

I’ve always wanted my own book store, so I listed all the books I don’t read any more on my Depop, and I can’t wait to fill it up with titles and authors that inspire me. I’ll also include the clothes that I bought that are too big for me. Happy Shopping!


Vintage Sewing Haul

vintage haul 1vintage haul 2vintage haul 3vintage haul 4vintage haul 5vintage haul 6

vintage haul 7

The heat of the summer beckons books and vintage dresses and travel. So I haven’t crochet much, my Etsy shop took a back seat and I’m picking up over time shifts left and right. My aunt Zella recently passed through on her way to Colorado and she stopped to see us. I had been waiting until I saw her to ask her if she knew how to sew. Zella comes from a time when sewing was required to get your highschool diploma. She is also skilled in husbandry, gardening, and cooking. We spent most of our day sewing a large black skirt down to my size. I learned to take it easy on the pedal and feed the fabric, which was a little tricky since it was a knit fabric. In the end, I had this revamped pencil skirt. Anthony gave her a ceramic smiling pig as a going away gift; I reminded him how last year he gave her my crochet peppermint pink pig and how a pig was a sign of good fortune and abundance.

This is the official start of my sewing chapter. I’ve gotten to know my sewing machine better and I also bought my own fabric stash for $4 a yard. I really want to make my own gingham dress. Lately, I haven’t felt very energetic and inspired, unless it’s thinking about a sewing class or day dreaming about my next weekend getaway. I want to see my dog again, I’m still very sad that I’m so far and I think a lot about moving back to Florida in 3 months to be with my old loyal friend. He is blind and deaf. He keeps making me wish things were different, he keeps making me think of his wet black eyes and black nose and curly white hair covering his eyes and how I wish things had been different.


DIY Mail Organizer – recycle projects


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diy mail orgainizer 1diy mail orgainizer 2diy mail orgainizer 3diy mail orgainizer 4

 I started keeping granola boxes, snack boxes, and even toilet paper rolls; I was on the look out to structure my bills and saw the idea to make a mail organizer. My goal was to use recycle materials and add a little travel decor to my office. I have some travel blog posts and I really want the chance to see other places – thus I am on the market for a new vehicle. For my project, I used a Debbie cupcake packaging box, a 1963 Life magazine (in, some kraft paper, and of course glue and scissors. Next time I’ll make some homemade mod podge!

  1. trace out where you’ll cut with scissors, cut the cardboard box.
  2. Cut out pictures from a magazine and kraft paper to fit inside the box, then glue it all on.
  3. Hang to dry

I love how it came out. Tolls are related to my job, and I also want to travel more so it matches perfectly. It’s also part of my vision board – which I’ll go into my next post but basically  having the image of a old fashioned truck reminded me of the freedom that came with owning a reliable car. The world “TRAVEL” in bold print.







Pastel Lavender and Purple Make Up


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lavender bralette 1

purple make up

lavender bralette 2

lavender bralette 3



Doll up wearing my pastel lavender bra using amethyst, blush pinks, and indigo eye shades and several coats of mascarra. I used family dollar make up, so these colors were not very pigmented.  I also had two tiny eye shadow applicators as tools but I cleaned up nice. The corners are packed with that psychic purple color, and I really wanted a shimmery rosey pink for the middle, and a bluish purple aura in the crease. I went with a bold eyeliner. Let me see your purple make up looks! Just tag me on instagram @heartofthehealer and use #purplestare (Yunno like how the Carebears did the Carebear stare?)

Shop Today!

Travelouge #2 – Gainesville, FL Ginnie Springs


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ginnie springs 1

gainesville fl 1

gainesville fl 2

gainesville fl 3

gainesville fl 4

ginnie springs 2

Folk art by Lang Davis, who has been coming there for over twenty years.*

ginnie springs 3


the freshwater springs in an overdue ancedote. My sister and I kayaked down the river like Pocohontas. Sassy and hot, we struggled to paddle in sync down this bank of the Sante Fe River. It was $20 for 2 hours and we retired early from  sightseeing alot of turtles and white cranes to swim in the crystal clear springs. The blues and emerald colors were mesmerizing. Blue is the color I’ve been crocheting with the most, and now I saw these colors in harmony. I knew I’ve been needing the spring for restoration and rebirth.

Flippers are the best thing ever. Got to watch a man dive into a cave and waited for him to resurface amazed me how long someone could hold his or her breath.

I ate a bacon burger and fries and my sister something for $21.

Collected tiny seashells but left them in her purse pocket.

Change has been the theme this month for me. I felt determined to document my trip, to record current events because its part of my journey and everything changes. I’ve been watching the world change, as states push non-gender identification, as China builds islands across the South China sea, the new President, the change I want to make away from plastic, the face of the world winces. There’s conflict all around the world. 5 years from now what will things look like? It also feels like there’s a lot I cannot change, change her back to how she was before, or his addiction, her lifestyle, her looks, or that he will die soon.

I enjoyed floating down the river so much I want to make another trip down there. Especially to dive. Especially to have more time with him I couldn’t bare the thought of dying alone.



On Etsy:

Beachy Cover Up : fish net crop top





New Orleans – Canal St. – Travelouge #1


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travelouge new orleans

travelouge new orleans 2travelouge new orleans 3


It was the beginning of my extended vacation, lucky to piggy back a ride to Florida with a friend from high-school. I stopped for a night so they could reunite with old friends. It was surreal turning into the streets of New Orleans. It felt like deja- vu. I had been here before when i was a teenager. It’s a historical city, the palm trees running down the middle of Canal St. The antique houses all had front porches. I imagined the generations that lived there gossiped over the windows the houses were that close. You can feel old spirits there. Streetcars passed by and I felt like were were trying to hold to something, however the immersion broke when you saw a 24 hour fitness in a brick building. There were retro movie theaters, Cajun restaurants, barber shops, and a lot of cars and homeless people. Their friends convinced them to stay with them at the loft above a divination shop called Uxi Duxi. A woman named Mona with dark eyes caught my stare at her name tag. She also wore her hair up and wore wooden jewelry and golden bangles. That night they went out to Bourbon St. but I wanted to stay the night, treat myself to a hot bath and the books on the end table. That morning I neglected to go downstairs and get my fortune told.




Heartshaped Petals (march 6, 2015)

She can’t deny herself any more.

She wants more than anything

to eat the heartshaped petals on the side

and swallow her liability. It’s dangerous

grinding her secret garden between her teeth. Who could understand

that she covets a beautiful flower, but it’s her fault she feels this way;

she compares herself to a sweet orange

when she is like a sour lemon. And then there’s a dandelion.

She takes those too, to carry with her prayers

and roses. She dreams flowers will blossom

like goosebumps on her skin. She’s anxious

to wear her hair down like grapevines. She feeds her

dreams to the ravens. We treat her with love

and write songs about her.

She felt it, something so beautiful growing in her stomach it ached.


mid city new orleans






Dyeing Fabric with Avocado Stones

dying with apricot stones 3

dying with avocado stones 2


dying with apricot stones 4


dying with apricot stones 1

dying with avocado stones 5

I was dying for a blush pink hue. Avocado’s do not need a mordant, they naturally have tannin. Avocado stones stew on the lowest heat setting for a little over 2 hours…the clear water turns to a bight shade of peach. I added some water to compensate for the water that evaporated after 2 hours.

I left this on simmer from 9:47 pm – some where at 3 am. I turned off the heat and let it cool, dropping delicate vintage fabric into the aluminium pot. (Prep the fabric by washing under hot water and letting it cool.)

Did I mention how much I love apricots? I could devour baskets full of them. That apricot color was the result of 3 stones. I have so much that I filled a bottle of wine with this apricot color. I didn’t want to waste fresh dye so I looked for other white garments.

Both of these were thrifted at Goodwill. I found this book i want to read called Overdressed, which goes in depth about fast fashion. Today, I watched film travelouges of the 30’s before the War. The world has changed so much in such little time. I’ve picked up another ancient technique that inspired me to travel more and see the colors of the world.

I’m feeling confident in publishing my patterns in a zine. The Pretty Patterns has been on my conscious for over a year. Volume 1 “Gypsy Collective” will have my triangle bikini top and small bottoms, and an interview with a shop I admire (if i can work up the courage to do so). Vol. 2 of The Pretty Patterns is the “Self-Love Diet”, a recipe book of my personal meals that help me overcome depression and bad eating patterns/habits.






DIY Avocado Vegan Face Mask

avocado mask 2

Summer time has proven to irritate my skin with its unmericiful heat waves. This moisterizer is packed with anti-inflammatory agents and vitamin- E. This is also a great hair mask for my curly tresses. Cruelty-free and vegan, not to mention budget friendly.  Here’s what you’ll need:

  • farm raised organic honey
  • 4 tsp extra virgin coconut oil per avocado
  • 1 avocado
  • reused glass jar

avocado mask


Mix altogether until its well blended and store in the freezer. It will freeze quickly, so make sure you get it while it’s nice and cold. I love the way it feels on my skin. I also use aloe vera from a plant if I have particularly irrated / sun burnt skin. If this worked wonders for your skin like it does for mine, let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to be introducing some new direction in my etsy shop. Please swing by to check out ready to ship pieces.





Dyeing Fabric w/ Roses

“Low-impact dyes.” I saw it often on organic handmade clothes.The ever-lasting store bought colors I discovered use toxic mordants harmful to the environment and a lot of water.

the colors in this collection were soft and personal to me. The baby blue consoled me. The petal pink color felt lovely. I have been working on my closet for over a year. (More on that later. Back to dyeing.) I wanted the colors I wore to feel natural, I feel like the natural patterns would soothe me.

Here is my process and what you need. I was not really sure what I was doing, it took me all day to make this small batch.

I used roses cut from the Park down the road and stored them in the freezer.

dying fabricc 1

My fabric was this vintage cotton fabric trimming. (I’m almost certain it’s cotton.) I soaked it in hot water for 10 minutes. I took a small bean pot I don’t use and boiled water at medium high.

dying fabric 2

 While the water boiled, I placed the petals one by one along the fabric, trying to cover every space. I took them right out of the freezer.

I rolled up it tightly, placed the petals to cover every space of fabric. 

Now, at first i tied it with green twine and just dumped it in the pot. (lol don’t do that you might cook the fabric, and i also don’t suggest green twine it will leave a mark) Tie it with a rubber band and place in the strainer. Place the strainer above the boiling pot of water. I used a paper plate to trap in the steam. I left it like this for one hour.

The bundle scrolls open revealing brown petals with a bruised purple tinge, melted like candle wax.

dying fabric 3

I repeated this same steaming technique with the rest of the petals (a total of one cup) I was impressed how beautiful the magenta color was. I did have a cup of roses to boil on its own, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the water not to boil and cook petals. I poured hot brownish – red water into a jar, studied it. I rolled the scroll of new petals and dipped it halfway, hoping for an ombre effect. Instead, it washed out the bottom edge of the color, leaving it cottage white.

 dying fabric 5

I love this piece of fabric so much. It’s best  seen in natural light.  I have this next project I want to dye and add a crochet edging.  Colors extracted naturally are full of magic. New life is brought back into old fabric. It was therapeutic too, out on a nature walk searching for color. I had so much fun and can’t wait to add plants into my life more.

Please like and follow, send loving vibes this way. I post every Tuesday & Thursday (except for last week I skipped ) Also come by my Etsy shop. 

dying fabric 6

dying fabric 4