Sailor Moon Inspired Decor


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sailor moon fan art

It was kind of hard to find things for my room that weren’t pink and frilly and shiny. What came to my mind first was a white and lavender girly room with floral accents and bows – however my inspiration specifically comes from the Moon Kingdom and Crystal Palace, not Usagi’s bedroom on Earth. Think what kind of things Queen Serenity would have in her castle. I have a lot of white and gold, and glass things in this post.

Last Fall I chose red and gold baroque curtains  for a rococo look. When I was growing up, my grandmother had a room with elaborate glass and porcelain figurines and she had pink and gold antique, French or Italian sofas. On the prowl, OBSESSED with finding one at a yard sale. Here are some things I found to put in my office/studio that were Sailor Moon inspired. (also keep in mind I want a hint of a travel theme, in my bedroom because I want to travel and get out more.)

Anniversary Clock

Found this gem. It cost me $24, probably the most I’ve spent at the vintage thrift store, The Curious Wren. It was shiny (check!) gold (check!) and it was a clock, which I needed any ways in my bedroom. One of my favorite Sailor Moon Guardians is Sailor Pluto, the guardian of time.

Millenium Crystals Candle Holders

silver crystal


Probably my favorite find. Tea candles are an every day use for me.  These resemble the Silver Crystals, a magical artifact and a source of immeasurable power. In the first season of Sailor Moon Crystal, it’s explained that the energy for the Silver Crystal comes from your heart.

DIY Rose White Board

diy board


I tried making a bullet journal but I found it very time consuming and messy, however it was a creative outlit, and it reminded me how I used to cut out magazine pictures and make collages.  What I did was create a Command Center, which is essentially the wall above my computer where I have my monthly appointments, my to-do lists, and I use this white board to jot down weekly projects, a daily affirmation, and a side bar where I have a Menu. I decorate my white board using fake roses, which reminds me of Tuxedo Mask.

DIY Crescent Moon Plate

cresent moon dish

This was black at first but I painted it white and colored in a yellow moon, outlined in gold glitter.

Chibi Usa Phone Case

rose white board

My lovely Pen Pal/ Etsy friend Joslynn made me 3 phone cases, 2 of them Pokemon themed and a Chibi Usa case. I love how its pink and girly, I know it not bedroom decor, but my phone needed a fresh look too!! I highly recommend heading over to my friends IG and ask her to make you something! She’s the sweetest being I’ve met so far and takes care of her one year old baby girl, who is nicknamed Evvee.


I honestly had like 5 other ideas I think I’ll save for another post. Don’t forget to follow, like, and comment if you want more content!


Neptune’s Mermaid Crop Top


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fieryfoxtwo toned bra

two toned bra 2

Shop Now: Neptune’s Mermaid Crop Top $14


Kenzie is a model for galatic rave brand and is all about that festival life. She requested these pastel colors, a seafoam green & a baby blue, and I rushed to get it finished over the weekend only for it to be too late before her trip to Rome, Dublin, and London. It inspired me to travel more and incorporate a travel theme to my studio, with hidden Sailor Moon-esque inspired decor.  The astounding thing was it sold right away to someone in my hometown, to this fiery fox! Jeannie is such a babe and ordered two other crochet items. In less than 30 days I’ll be visiting my Florida home. Can’t wait to see my dog!


Sailor Moon – Usagi – Anime Character Spotlight


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sailor moon roses


I’m coming to the end of of the second season and there’s a theme that keeps coming up that brings a tear to my eye. It reminds me that I have a big heart and big hearts break easily. It’s that we can never ever give up. We have to keep out hearts strong. Our destiny is guided by whats in our heart.

Usagi’s light brings out the light in others. Sailor Mercury started to smile more. Sailor Venus stopped isolating herself so much. The  Pretty Moon Gaurdians (I’m watching the crystal version) become a formidable force against evil in the name of love and justice! My fell in love with this girl squad and their power.

I can relate to Usagi. She reminds me of what makes a good story – a character who you’d least expect to save the world. Someone who does bad in school and cries all the time and gets jealous. I never saw the original version, so when a lot of people were telling me that it wasn’t any good, I didn’t have those same judgements. Which I’m really glad I didn’t. When I read forums or hear from those who worshiped the original manga, you can really hear the disappointment.  I liked the gritty old feel of the older anime – I feel the same way about Dragon Ball. Although, I feel like those critics were harsh and I’m glad I made my own opinion. The Crystal version is great. I’m inspired to start drawing again, not to mention a revamp my room to incorporate more pastels and Sailor Moon inspired decor…





**i changed my blog a little, so when you go to my site it should be a static page with a list of my articles, that way you don’t have to scroll through over a year’s worth of articles to find the anime ones, or the crochet related posts. ❤



Pretty Pastels Summer 2017 Collection


sophia 2



white sweetheart top

white sweetheart top phillip mckay

pink wallet

Picture 239

I’m counting down the days until my beach bound trip to Florida. So many good things happened this month. The Sweetheart Crop top design finally shown here in baby blue cotton with embellished pink flowers. The Strappy Shrug has made a reappearance. I got a tip for my cosplay Link amigurumi plushie. I also designed what I secretly call “The Sleepy Jane Spinoff”, which is what the fiery fox is wearing above.  There are collaborations on the horizon. I am so grateful for each and every one who has supported my crochet shop so far. Almost 1,000 followers on Instagram now. You can see what I have in my Ready To Ship section –

Amigurumi Link, crochet from Etsy Shop Owner @Heart of the Healer


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link 1link 2link 3


I’m going to cut to the chase: Link was difficult. I spent a week looking at patterns on the internet and found an adorable Japanese pattern, it was a tiny chibi lookin’ Link. I could not understand that pattern at all – was so relieved when I remembered the Golden Jelly Bean. Her Link Sackboy is well written out, except I had to come undone, and start over on each part. Basically make him twice, because I kept messing him up. When I had him almost done, I showed my boyfriend who thought it looked awesome. He came back later to tell me it reminded him of Toon Link.

I found the pattern for Toon Link while trying to find shield and sword patterns.

I am so happy with how he turned out – I will post down below the modifications I did to his arms, the shield pattern, and his triangle hair pieces. I kept him for over 3 weeks, tweaking him out and admiring him. My husband made chain mail, a grappling hook, and a bow for him. The shield and sword both go on his arms. I also promised a video :


~ so here it is. I can’t promise I’ll have one of these videos all the time, but I do plan on doing one every time I make an amigurumi project. Please visit my shop: Heart of the Healer


With teal yarn.

38. Pick up 6 stitches where the arms should be.

39. 2sc in each sc.

40. Do 1sc in the back loops for the top 6 stitches. Do 1sc in the front loops for the bottom 6 stitches. Do all of this for two rows.

With white yarn.

41. 1sc in each sc in the back loops only.

42. 1sc in sc.

With brown yarn.

43. 1sc in each sc once

44. 1sc in next sc. 2sc in next sc. Do all of this for one row.

45. 1sc in sc.

46. **Do one row of brown yarn sc

With beige yarn

47. 1 sc all around

48. dec, sc, dec all around

start stuffing

49. dec until closed


I haven’t transferred the Shield Notes so comment below if you are working on this and would like the free shield pattern. For the hair, I looked up how to crochet triangles.


Packaging My Etsy Items


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I try to buy Etsy when I can – it’s always when I need something special, like a gift or something unique that you couldn’t buy in a store. I am a sucker for handmade jewelry, there’s something about it that draws me in. So what makes me come back to buy again? Handmade notes add a special touch, and I’ve gotten stickers and coupons – and if it feels like i’m opening a gift to myself, I’ll want to make another purchase when the timing is right. I’ll be the first one to say, Etsy is expensive. I know it’s handmade, I go there to support small business owners, but it is not affordable for everyone. But when you buy handmade, you’re supporting someone’s family directly.


My Etsy orders have been gift wrapped in tissue, tied together with twine or decorative ribbon. I always find handwritten notes, or a tea candle or cute stickers. I’ve also got tiny tumbled crystals, I always feel pretty good with my purchase when I get a cute rock to add to my collection.

I noticed that you want something that helps you stick out from other shops – Jasper n June help the bees, and I have bought from her shop twice. As an Etsy Owner, you’re package needs: cute wrapping, business cards, logo that communicates your style/brand, a little something that your customer can remember you buy, a handmade thank you note, care instructions (if needed), if you are making clothes, you need to think about sewing labels with your shop name on them. I’ve also started thinking about the box – and plan on ordering corrugated packaged boxes.


Every order has a matching yarn pom – pom. I snuggle the crochet bra or leg warmers with colorful lace ribbon, with matching tissue paper. There’s a thank you note scroll tied with a yarn bow, and my business card with a handwritten coupon code for their next purchase. I use heart stickers to close it, and put heart stickers on the address.


I’m missing a label for garment care, a logo. If you guys have been reading my blog, I’ve been trying to think of a different shop name. Here is what I’m leaning towards:


What do you think?

Please favorite my Etsy store it helps a bunch. Crochet bralettes and crop tops, and amigurumi




Make Up Haul


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modeling easter sunday 1


My eyeliner didn’t hold up too well in the sun! But I think the primer and make up worked well and take into consideration I haven’t splurged on make up in a year.

I waited until I ran out of everything – I didn’t have a morning routine any more. That’s all changing with the promise to take care of myself.

Below is a picture of all the goodies, I spent over $40, but did get $11 back in coupons. I also dyed my hair burgundy. What do you think? For foundation, I chose from Physician’s Formula a BB correcting powder, Maybelline’s Fit Me! in Porceline, an E.L.F. fluffy powder brush, Nyx Conealer. I chose a Physician’s Formula highligher which I love. For eyeliner, I chose E.L.F. gel pot in black. It came with a tiny applicator. (I need some new mascara!) For eyebrows, I got Nyx kit and I adore this. It’s the best brow kit I’ve ever invested in and I’ve tried lots of different eyebrow tools. I couldn’t help but snag that cute red lipstick, it stood out like something from a chemistry set. It was also my first matte lip color, in Red. I usually don’t do red, more coral and berry colors. But this was about stepping out of my comfort zone. This was about loving myself without limits.

make up haul


Anime Character Spotlight – He’s a Dandy Guy In Space – Space Dandy


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I haven’t written an anime post in a long time and I’m antsy for another anime. This one on adult swim I actually watched in English a few months back and I haven’t had time to post about it. It’s actually from the same illustrators as Cowboy Bepop.  I love bounty hunters and space exploration, and this one was so funny. I don’t like animes that make me feel uncomfortable, but this one was an exception! The writers were thoughtful in each episode. I adored Honey the waitress at Boobies, my favorite episode was probably when the robot fell in love with Coffee Maker. Yes, there is an adorable robot named QT and you’ll also love Meow. Although a comedy, there are some episodes that show deeper sides of the characters. The ending, everything came together like a Chuck Palanuik novel.

honey from space dandy

“Every booty deserves respect.” I think Dandy says that in the first episode. He just a dandy guy in space. I loved him in every episode.

They had a high school musical episode which I liked, because the ginger with the glasses was as awkward as me. I would recommend it, and something else I watched that is comedy but isn’t anime was Rick and Morty. Go watch it it is hilarious.


My Depop


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I am in desperate need of cleaning out my apartment and finding new homes for things. I want to branch out and grow and you can’t do that holding on to everything. I posted a bunch of my things on depop – Sweetheart_Sam. I’m still waiting for one of my orders to get here which was a large Thank you   stamp- which has been sent already I’m just waiting for it to come through the mail. It was $5 but then i realized I’d rather write thank you notes but concluded it was still useful. Depop is heaven you just type what you’re looking for and BAM! a list of joy just pops in your feed. Another good this is you are saving the planet! How cool is that?! I can’t wait to show you guys what I hauled in – I’m experimenting with my look so I had a lot of fun picking these out. I really want to write a post when I get my items from the 3 different sellers and fill you in on the details – will it be worth the buy? Let me know if any of my old threads interest you! Only ships within the U.S. Everything is under $15.

I think my look is 90’s grunge. Flannel, denim, and tye-dye. There’s more in my Depop. I’m just trying to embrace a new persona, and these are clothes that don’t fit me any ways. Comment below if any of these catch your eye! Most are medium or large.



Etsy Haul


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Instagram: Heart of the Healer

Etsy: Heart of the Healer

I wanted to put together one blog post with all my Etsy finds. I love supporting small local shops. My boyfriend would argue that the margin I am paying for a bar of soap or a candle is significantly higher than store bought by such and such percent. The way I see it, Walmart doesn’t make a happy dance when I purchase something. When people are buying something from me, they help support something that I love but also helps treat my depression. Some people sell handmade items in order to donate a portion to their beloved charity of choice. Handmade is better. Each Etsy purchase is a gift to yourself, or even your friend. So without further ado, here are the items I have purchased off of Etsy recently.

You can purchase second hand clothes off of Etsy if you’re like me and like eco-friendly fashion. Here is a cute moon and sun crop top that ties in the front and looks so good with high waisted jeans. The flower crop top is one of my favorite pieces its very flowy. The grey sweater i wore the most this winter, it was effortlessly chic. The granny cardigan was in this pretty wine color I feel like wine looks good on me. Then there’s the black and white long sleeve which is something that is so easy to look polished in. This quarts stone crystal choker has a lovely shade of purple I wear a LOT, I got all of these from Luna’s Esoteric Emporium.


Not only can you thrift, you can buy materials. I purchased these bra hooks and clasps for my bralettes  from 2 Etsy sellers – Arte Crafts & Agora Supplies. Seeing a handwritten “thank you” on my package always brings me a fuzzy feeling.


Next, I won two giveaways on Instagram how cool is that?! CoOpOfCreation hooked me up with scented candles. A MUST HAVE for me. I light candles every day.  It instantly changes the mood in the room. The jars were so pretty, they came with quotes from poets and writers. She also gave me a large red mushroom candle which is completely adorable in my room for decoration.

La Loba Lovelies had a giveaway and I won a petrified shark tooth necklace. I love how dainty it was!


I also started using stone hearts in my pictures – I feel like this is a great way for people to remember my brand. I loved getting my packages from Jasper In June. I suggest her shop if you want to buy crystals. I loved getting these cut – out affirmations- and she also threw in some free crystal gifts. I love Etsy it can be so much fun. I also got from Jasper In June some organic coconut oil chapstick, I love organic products and I really want to start finding more Etsy shops with perfumes, oils, body lotions, so if you like this post so far give it a like and I’ll be sure to share my next haul whenever that is – I typically do not make purchases over $25 without seriously consulting my expense reports.


To continue with my organic theme, I have this goat milk and honey body lotion from Robin’s Essentials that smells like oatmeal cookies. It smells so yummy, my boyfriend just wanted to eat me up! I love to put it on before I crochet or after I’m typing.

this stuff smells so good!

I also purchased a puffy heart and organic local honey from Tampa, FL, a crystal shop called aLunar. I use honey for my face – it helps with itchiness, redness, and acne.

rose quartz

The next thing I should mention is my yellow hula hoop from Cresent Hoops – I don’t dance as much as I used to (which was EVERYDAY.) I don’t have too many hoop tricks under my belt but I got it at a discounted price, it came in super fast because it was ready-to-ship, and sometimes I find that I can’t stop myself from picking up my hoop, turning on a song, and hooping like I’m in my own music video.

One of my first purchases was a mini zine about bento boxes which I don’t have with me. Another early purchase was this amazing jewelry – I thought the price was unbeatable. It is a Tiger’s Eye and arrow head necklace and it came with arrow head earrings. I also bought from this shop, now named Asabobbinsewbelow, a cow bone key chain.


Those earrings, whenever I wore them waiting tables, would get me so many compliments. Waiting tables made me learn that a piece of jewelry like a hair piece or a necklace or even your rings said so much about how you wanted to be seen. The cool thing about Etsy is there one-of-a kind jewelry.

On my wish list is some bullet crystal jewelry, a rose quartz choker, more rose quartz, more heart stones, natural oils for my skin, body scrubs, soaps, bath bombs, and maybe  and some more electrofoam jewelry from Baily Bee. She is from Florida I believe, and one of my most worn necklaces is a seahorse with blue quartz. I got 2 for the price of 1 during a sale.


I think that about does it. I have inherited a ton of vintage sewing books, bargain bin thread, and a sewing machine at a really discounted price of just $40. It even had the manual. I think I talked about it already in a previous post. If you guy know an easy sewing project let me know. I’d really like to make pillow cases and some simple, cheap alternative curtains.

I hope you liked my haul post, I’ve been wanting to post this forever. I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet – which I’ll write a whole separate post if you want me to. I started a Depop and I’m already finding cute stuff and will be posting my used clothes for sale.