Pixie Crop Top and Everything Blue


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I am so excited to share with you my first experiences with my sewing machine. It’s been a slow process! Learning all the buttons on the machine, finding levers, joining the top and bottom thread. These are all firsts to me. Even pressing the foot pedal felt like I was driving out of control, and I am not sewing at this moment due to the fact that I can’t figure out how to get the bottom thread to come up –

I’ll be adding my crop top line on March 8th and released this Pixie Crop Top early. It’s beautiful and stays put while practicing back bends, downward dog, and other yoga poses. I imagine the woman who would wear the pixie top – a wild woman, an enchantress, a woman who says yes to the universe and laughs at her mistakes.

I also finished these legwarmers which are also listed in my shop, size small. Wouldn’t they match perfectly with my stripped bralette? Just between you and me, I am currently designing bikini bottoms/shorts to complete this full body crochet apparel look. I’ll be head to toe in crochet garments!


Available March 8th


“Fire & Ice”


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Guys, I’ve been holding out on you. Unless you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, than you haven’t seen my stripped crop top. I worked tirelessly all weekend to design a pattern as I went, holding the bra up to my body, crocheting, measuring again, jotting down each row – and I finally came up with a black, scribbly pattern. I did it again and it came out more even, and even though I had wrote the pattern there was a BUNCH i had somehow “miscalculated” rows/stitches. Five prototypes – here is a sneak peak. Can you feel the fire running through these stripes?

I’m not sure yet how to make them any other size than small. Right now I’m going to take a moment to talk about all the anxiety I have about my Etsy store. *takes deep breath* I want to throw in the towel.

I can’t stop looking at my competition and seeing their thousands of followers, constant sales, and their beautifully themed instagram stories and shop – and the outpouring of love and support. All these I don’t have. I’m stuck in “Etsy-hell” this purgatory where I know I make expertly handcrafted crochet apparel, but I’m not in the pro leagues.

I have been using a poor quality camera, if I want to take a picture, I need sunlight – but not too bright or it will leave a glare. It never takes a picture when you want it to. There’s no zoom or any other features – it’s literally a point-and-shoot digital camera. I have also been dealing with a depression that reminds me of my sad college life. I’ve had depression before – days where you can’t move, when you have that thousand eye stare, when you literally cannot speak and you’re numb.  The kind of depression where you don’t eat, and it makes you cry when you taste something. I don’t know if anyone really understands how I feel, but I just have to think I’m not alone. It’s affecting how I focus at work or lack of. I also cannot handle stress well. Other successful women know how to manage stress and not in destructive ways.

I don’t want to be the type of person. This week I worked extra hard at work – when they offered over time I was the first one to stay longer. I’m coming in tomorrow on my day off.

I mostly crochet Fridays and Sundays, which are my off days. I crochet every day, and make sure to spend time on Instagram and Facebook. I’d like to try to get my shop out in town more. I wonder about asking the cafe in town if I can put an amigurumi coffee with my cards there. What do you think?






Granny Square Crop Top(Inspiration Dump)


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Love is in the air! Love for crochet tops that is! Have you thought about the summer yet? Last year I made a handful of tops that sold so I’d like to make more lovely creations. I have 3 tops from last year that I can list on Etsy – my corset underbust, my buttoned down baby pink top, and  a hot pink daisy chain top. (I also have some large granny square crop tops with Sunflower motifs) This year, I want to create something RED. In my post here I received a bag full of red granny squares. I have got to make top, but the combinations of granny square tops are limitless! Let me also input how hard it was just to pick a darn photo, there’s so many OOAK pieces. To make this list simple, I am excluding everything BUT crop tops – so you wont find granny square shorts or dresses here. Here’s what you can make with all those little granny squares:


“Jester” Top – This was my first thought that I could use coordinating red and black colors in this pattern to create a “jester” top.







Modern Hatler Top – This one is so versatile, and any level of crocheter can make one. I also see them all the time in old movies.SECOND PHOTO is by Of Mars, but another complication arises. I’ve attempted on of these in the same style, and it’s not the most secure garment – and the trick is to get the ties in the right place.



And of course how can I not add these timeless tops? I’m posting the ones I made last year. I made a lot of bralettes and these classic granny square tops.




I also crave a top for myself with some sleeves, and ruffles in the front, so I’m spending a few minutes each day drawing in my notebook. Another instagram shop I admired came out with these gorgeous long sleeved tops. They are so beautiful, and all her work is great. Check out Forever Wandering and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram too! Now to go work on my things, and lose myself in the process.


* * * Two Weeks Pass* * *


If you visit my Instagram, you’ll see an exclusive look at the crop top I created. This was born out of the need to want some crochet with a sweetheart neckline – and then these corset style crop tops came to be. I promise you haven’t seen anything like it! I’m up in the middle of the night, 1 am, because I’m so excited about this new release. I hope it brings me to my new shop name!





2017 Goals


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I have not posted a goal post yet! *GASP* Especially since I am OCD about planning every little detail and managing my productivity. (I felt I couldn’t start this year until my dragon wall calendar came in!!! Which took long enough.) You may want to revisit this post about BUDGETING that I wrote last year, it’s served me well. I also want to let you guys know what ideas I have for this blog, if you haven’t noticed I’ve started including some of my fandoms here. And what better night than tonight, the start of Aquarius and a New Moon. I think I’ve finally put to rest a lot of self-doubt and set in motion some things I want to cultivate this year. I’ve got everything I need to make the next 365 days magical.

Weight Gain & Eating Disorder Recovery

I have a confession: I weigh less than 88 pounds and I am 25 years old, 5 feet 3. Doctor Chester, who I last saw a few months back, pointed to my chipped nailpolish and bony ankles and asked in an incredulous voice “Are you anorexic?” I have always been skinny and I wasn’t a doctor, I told him. The truth was in plain sight, under the sterilizing hospital lights that I was unhealthily so. My goal is to gain 10 pounds by March. I’m looking for food blogs to follow on WordPress and Instagram! Hook me up!

I’d also like to take the time to style  my curly hair – I’ve even had dreams of myself with it shorter, more edgier. (I can’t help but think with curly red hair cut short I could go for that 1930’s vintage look.) I also want to spoil myself every month as part of a routine to treat myself with more love – getting flowers for the room, for example, or perfumes. I’d like to wear more casual make up and whiten my teeth. I’ve always been shy to smile and that robs me from feeling laughter and joy to the fullest.


Practice Yoga & Barre

Exercise is beneficial for those suffering with depression. Yoga is gentle yet still challenging and corrects posture. Barre is graceful, corrects posture, and nothing is wrong with wanting to evoke that feeling that you are as beautiful as a ballerina. I’m prepared to purchase books on yoga and follow those on instagram that may have their own dance studio or even other adult ballerinas. I already follow a lot of yogis, and I’ve always practiced – not with a schedule, but in moments when I’m stressed out at work, at my desk, or before I go to bed or to help me feel more awake. Yoga is also a great way to listen to your body’s needs, and yoga always feels like a mini massage.



Decorate Studio and Etsy

I’d like to scale down and let go of things that have emotional weight. I’d really like to surround myself with things that I love. I want to decorate my office in a way that facilitates productivity and stimulates me creatively. I’ve got lots of space for activities! The window is large and gets directs sunlight, ideal for some succulents. I’ve become obsessed with the idea of overflowing my desk and couch with potpourri and amethysts spheres and rose quartz. Perfect for love month!




Read More Books and Write Again

I don’t know if it is the recent politics in America that have revived my appetite for reading – but I can’t sleep because I want to read.  When I write, it is always to clarify my emotions and describe my observations. My dreams to write were shattered, despite my professors in college telling me I was exceptional. You could tell I was depressed by my thousand eye stare. I want to read more – I tried to read a book a week in Januaray, but I only managed two books: a book of Jim Morrison poetry and Harry Potter #1. (I read current events every day.)


Music & Art  Every Day

Drawing, or putting an image on paper is really therapeutic for me, and it gets me off the computer. You can’t force art, and I’ve been eyeing some how to draw manga books. I also have this fetish for watching Instagram videos where it is a close up of acrylic painting, adding details, in the middle of the process. I don’t know when I can find the time to doodle, but I definitely would love to spend an hour listening to music in my own art class.


Also need to save funds for a trip to Florida. I must go.

I’ll also be staying off Facebook, hopefully my mood will be noticeably better!





Trendy Crochet Crop Tops


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I just shipped my first international order! Yay! My neighbor’s mom passed away around Christmas, and I decided to randomly knock on his door one night to say hello, and I ended up staying to play Call of Duty. He appreciated my company, I suppose and gave me a 16 gal bin full of yarn. There were 40 skeins of yarn, and also work in progress afghans and tons of granny squares. I’m so happy to have been blessed with this loot crate. I plan to make lots of pretty things with this yarn for 2017. Even though my etsy shop has been slow, and I’ve withdrawn from Facebook and Instagram, I’ve been wanting to get back to crochet and work on the art of crochet, not just filling orders. I got so much red! But I have trouble seeing it by itself – i’ll probably combine red, green, and brown, or with black. I admit, sometimes I steal from tops I wish I had so instead of buying them I create one instead. (Coming Up: After weeks of hoping a journal would surface that I could buy, I decided I will also make my own Harry Potter inspired one. That won’t be for another post, as I’m buying leather from a seamstress that is converting to organic fabrics.)

Here are some styles I like to imagine, and plan to put my own touch to things. I also have a lot of pretty lavender that I am determined to make crop tops with.

Grunge Halter Top – the shape of this is pretty simple, and I want to make something like this in “antique gold” (a country tan cotton yarn). Then add a rose applique in the center. Or an eye. Illuminati confirmed.



Strappy Bralette Crochet Top – this is the one I made last year, with my friend E.M modeling it. The straps are an inch thick so it’s way more comfortable around your neck than a string. Wouldn’t it be nice to do one in red and black?



Corset Top – I have something like this in tan and I think it would look great in red, and a forest green with the string and edge part being brown.


Hippie Granny Square Crochet Top – here is one I made with lavender and rainbow yarn. These are made in pieces and I plan on adding some to the shop for Valentine’s Day. Maybe with hearts instead? White and red hearts?


There are so many unique ways to make crochet crop tops and bras. They were my favorite item last year to make, and I also have my own pair of pink rasta bikini bottoms. I haven’t been crocheting much in over 10 days, but hopefully things will pick up now that I have a cool dragon wall calendar.

Custom Crochet Handmade Tops

I am in the process of sketching out designs for a “Montague” top, or a valentine’s day top inspired by Romeo & Juliet. There are so many ways to make crochet crop tops! Here are the designs I free formed last year, 2016.
Be sure to follow! My next post will be “8 Trendy Crochet Crop Tops”

Heart of the Healer

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Parasyte – Character Spotlight Shinichi & Migi


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I have that emptiness you get after the anime you’ve been religiously watching is over. I re-watched Attack on Titans (The new season is coming!) Holy shit I forgot how incredible that anime was. You can tell by now that I love that edgy, dark anime and Attack on Titans is so good. I forgot what happened in the beginning and I was in tears. (I cry every day.) Then I stumbled on another anime, a horror sci-fiction called Parasyte.


Go watch that if you’re a fan of Death Note. It opens up to metal music too! I planned on writing a quirky post for Parasyte, due to there being so much blood. Should I say anything about what it’s about? I always read reviews and I find the difficult part about writing reviews is keeping the reader’s attention, and describing something without spoiling it.

It’s fast paced, only 24 episodes.  I finished it in two days. At first I was embarrased a little with my taste in anime: a parasyte takes over the right arm of a 17 year old high school student, Shinichi. This bond is born out of the need to survive – Migi and Shinichi are, like Migi said, “two enemies forced to become allies.” But in the end you become pretty attached to Migi.

Our protagonist is a nervous, four eyed well behaved student and it’s full of funny moments in the begining – especially as Shinichi gets used to having a parasyte on his arm and Migi’s learning more about this species.  They also run into more of Migi’s kind – these are parasytes that have managed to take control of the human brain, and feed off other humans.

Shinichi reminded me that we’re only human. As the story progresses, Shinichi becomes apathetic, distant, and emotionless. I also need to throw in there the girls that all had it for Shinichi – one of them borderlines on obsessive/stalkerish, and the one Shinichi loves I’m surprised she even is committed to the relationship for so long! She’d always cared about him, but he is so cold hearted and like stone and she just tanks it for him. I was mad at this at first, frustrated that he didn’t reveal the truth to the person he loved (not trying to mention names) but it was because he was always trying to protect her. Loving her was the part that kept him human, in a sense.

Extremly graphic, slice and dice, the body if infected will morph –

should I say any more?

I enjoyed the soap opera romance. It felt like the meaning was muddled between the value of all life forms – like at the very end, he changes his mind and decides to kill a fucking terrible parasyte I mean at the end there, he is thinking too hard about survival and humanity.  Our gift is that, unlike animals and other monsters, we have the ability to feel emotions like compassion. I also thought that they were going to do more with the dad but he just sat in the background drinking whiskey.

I really want to crochet an amigurmi Migi! It could be my chance to play with felting techniques. There are some cute Migi products I searched google for so tempted to buy a Migi plushie.





8 Instagram Shops to Follow If You Love Etsy


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I decided why not? I’ll write a brief post containing Etsy shops that are advertising correctly on Instagram. Then below, I’ll post 3 Tips to Gain More Organic Followers. I hope you enjoy my list of crochet, knitt, and jewelry Etsy stores. The best part about buying off Etsy is finding unique items that are one of a kind! I am also a firm believer that Instagram is a system designed for iPhones, so it’s vital to have one if you want a successfuly Etsy store on instagram. It’s all about the photos. Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!!!

1. The Hook Nook



2. The Sleepy Jane Show


3. Witchy Stiching


4. A Chain Of Events


5.Lark & Laurel


6. Thebronzehoneybee


7. Callistojewelry


8. sweetsummerboutique



I have a huge collection of jewelry, and I’ll be parting with some to make room for newer pieces I connect with. I’m debating selling my jewelry and closet on my Etsy. (I’ll let people trade me clothes for crochet, but not all the time do these beautiful clothes fit.) Or I might just sell it only on Instagram to see how successful selling thrift on Instagram is. I don’t care to make  a profit from my clothes more than really making room for the most updated version of myself.


Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @heartofthehealer! I don’t have a lot of followers, but so far these tactics have helped. Do you have anything you’d like to share that helped you get followers? Comment below!

1. Post Engaging, Click- Bait Photographs – make sure you are using as many relevant hashtags as you can, and only beautiful photographs. You also want to keep it short and simple, and inviting by adding a sentence or two. The Sleep Jane Show introduces her to her work space, the materials involved, and a classic bohemian atmosphere. On Etsy’s Instagram, you’ll notice the minimalist theme that is popular with Etsy buyers.

2. Follow Similar Shops & Participate in Shout Outs –I was against this at first but it’s effective. Other shop owners can be very supportive and even interested in your work. I have purchased from @thebronzehoneybee and want to buy from the @sweetsummerboutique and look at other geeky jewelry. (Like the League of Legend’s Leona shield necklace or The Golden Snitch bracelet.) Shout Outs are planned events where a bunch of shops share your link on their page among a list of other shops – and every one comments and follows, resulting in a lot of followers really fast. I have yet to launch a giveaway. (I’m waiting until I reach 500 followers)

3. Share The Love – i’ve read posts about success on Instagram where someone buys something from your shop, and shows it off on their Instagram tagging you in their picture. A few weeks after following this lovely mom @ogbthreads she got an order from the steampunk model Kato Punk!! (I also have plans of having her make me some custom bellbottoms.) I’ve done trades with two shops, @sillyjilly710 and @lunas.emporium and I’ve picked up followers from when they shared something I made for them in a trade. You can also investigate finding promoters to share your work to hundreds of others.





The Ballet Project Leg Warmers Collection


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The Ballet Project is the official name for my 2016 leg warmer collection. Inspired by pirouettes and perfection, these have a knitted feel with the lovely ribbed lines and geometric diamonds. I topped it off last year making leg warmers in runway worthy alpaca and merino wool. I will be making 3 more thigh – high leg warmers which will be available in the shop by January 31st, each with an elastic band to keep them in place and packaged thoughtfully. I update my Ready-To-Ship Section weekly, so be sure to stop by for fancy gifts for her.

They are super cozy, washable, and feminine.

Right now I’m working on the color olive green. It reminds me of rose gardens and the military.





8 Affordable, OOAK listings in my Etsy Shop Right Now!


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My head is hurting with all the networking I’ve been up to. I like my group of WordPress followers especially because it is not all about click-bait Instagram photos or updates on Facebook; WP shares details of passion, back-of-the-scenes sneak peaks, and personal posts. I’m at 50 followers right now – what if I said that when I reach 100 followers I’ll post amigurumi tutorial videos? I have over 7 years of experience crocheting, and I’d like to share this great hobby.

It’s brought up my self – esteem, being a part of crochet groups and communicating with other creatives. I need more of that.

These are 8 items that are currently hanging in my studio/office. Everything is shipped from Texas (US) first class USPS to ensure the cheapest shipping possible on all orders. As always thank you so so soooo much for browsing or looking at any of the listings – don’t forget to favorite & follow on your Etsy app!

1. cat hoodie $45



2. Painterly Blue Small Infinity Scarf $15



3. Hobbit Inspired Card Holder / Change Purse $4



4. Black & White Bow Ear Warmer $12



5. Beige Cabled Leg Warmers $17



6. Alpaca and Merino Wool Leg Warmers $75



7. Strappy Red Shrug / Bolero / Scarf $30



8. Heart Coin Purse $4

comment below if interested!