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Take out all of your clothes from the closet.

Even the hangers.

It’s easier to pick out the pieces you love first and reach for the most. For me: a vintage 70’s floral dress with a ruffle hem, a denim jumpsuit, my vintage Victoria Secret silk pajamas, a black high low skirt with roses, a caramel colored handbag, a handmade jade green off the shoulder top…

Determined to only fill my closet with outfits that make me feel fabulous, in good condition, and compliment my petite frame. Find the colors that are me.

As I dig, piles rise up. Donations. Sentimental valuables. Things that I wish fit. For Sale.  Clothes I can revamp. I noticed I have a lot of florals and geeky T-shirts. There were clothes I had trouble letting go.

I haven’t bought from a store in over a year – slow fashion has always been my lifestyle. If you’ve been following my blog, than you know that  I started to experiment with low impact dyes. I have also started my sewing adventure so I can’t wait until I make my own gingham dress!!

I’ve always wanted my own book store, so I listed all the books I don’t read any more on my Depop, and I can’t wait to fill it up with titles and authors that inspire me. I’ll also include the clothes that I bought that are too big for me. Happy Shopping!